June 21-23, 2019 | Chula Vista, California

Presented by Doinker

Be a sponsor of the 2019 Doinker SoCal Showdown! Associate your brand with our high precision sport and world class athletes.  Also with over 400 athletes and 250 spectators in attendance, this event is gives you great visibility in the archery community.

We would like to thank Doinker for their support as our Title Sponsor.  Their passion for the sport and care for athletes aligns with our own values as well.  Our team is always looking at ways to improve your experience at an archery event.  With Doinker’s support we are able to bring these ideas to life.  

For more information about sponsorship opportunities please contact us at “events.eace@esdf.org”

Thank you to Title Sponsor, Doinker!

Thank You USA Archery Sponsors!